Franky Snow / Franky Snow
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Franky Snow
Franky Snow is a major sports maniac! Surfing, snowboarding, hang gliding, windsurfing, bikingkating! Anything that slides, glides, or rides! This passion takes Franky and his pals to lots of cool places. It’s one trip after another! Thrill with him as he hops off a train in Gstuud where the skiing’s good and the snow is – thankfully - soft!
You’ll laugh hard watching him impress the girls on a hike, because, as you have sensed it, that girl-thing just isn’t quite yet his scene. Snicker as he crosses a stretch of the sea in a pedal boat only to wind up on a deserted island. Hold your breath and cross your fingers when he learns to windsurf the hard way.
And enjoy that warm fuzzy feeling, knowing that Franky never does it alone. He and his gang are in it together! We’re talking loyalty, guys! An after-school job every now and then will pay for the important things in life like sports equipment, a soda, and train tickets to get to the action! But best of all, Franky and his pals stick up for each other. No bully is going to eat their lunch money!

Hey Girls!

Masked rider
Where is Friday when you need him
Reverse Psychology
I only have hives for you
Franky Da Jackal
Hey Girls!
Upside Down
In gaz
At the beach
Surf 2
Surf 1
Wallpaper - Franky Snow
Wallpaper - Franky Snow
Wallpaper - Franky Snow
Wallpaper - Franky Snow
Original title : Franky Snow
Format : 52x13' / 26x26'
Support : HD Traditional 2D
Year of product : 2007
Writer : Buche
Adaptator : Jérôme Richebon & Annabelle Perrichon, Philippe Girard
Director : Gilles Deyriès & Christian Choquet
French voices : Smaïn - Julien Sibre - Martial Le Minoux - Dorothée Pousséo - Emmanuel Fouquet - Sylvie Ferrari - Nathalie Bienaimé - Yann Pichon
Diffusion : M6 & Canal J
Copyright : 2007 Toon Factory / Agogo Entertainment / All Rights Reserved
producer(s) : Toon Factory 
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